Pull Quotes in Twenty Eleven

Here you can see some of the pull styles Duster has to offer, applied to blockquotes. You can also use them on images to break them out from the post content into one of the margins on the single post and page view.

Testing a blockquote on the right

Pretty cool, huh? They can help add some visual interest to text post and ā€” if you use them wisely ā€” some sophistication to your blog post. It’s pretty simple to use them too if you’re comfortable switching over to the HTML view in the Post and Page Editor. Here’s how to achieve pull quotes:

<blockquote class="pull alignright">Your quote here</blockquote>

You can change “alignright” to “alignleft” if you want, or even use only the “pull” class like so.

Testing a long long long blockquote with pull class. It is quite long.

Now you know how to use them! Have fun.šŸ™‚